Many inquiries have been made as to why our historic banner hanging over the stage reads “X-Mas” , instead of Christmas. This is the official reply  from the TCCBA Board:

reads the antique canvas banner over the band stand in historic Pioneer
Hall, a state designated historical building by the Texas Historical
Commission. The banner greets guests and was placed in the Hall after its
construction completion in 1940. A few loyal patrons have inquired about
the “Xmas”. Our carefully researched response is respectfully provided.

1. The banner is part of the historic Ball & Hall. As a designated historical
site and event, we are prohibited from altering any historic part of the
building or we could jeopardize our historical designation and adversely
affect our charitable non-profit tax-exempt status with the state and
federal governments.

2. History documents that the term “Xmas” originated in the early Christian
church as a common abbreviation for Christmas dating all-the way back to
the 16“ Century. The New Testament was written in ancient Greek and the
Greek letter symbolizing Christ was “X”. It was and is used as an icon for
Christ by many churches. “Xmas” is deeply rooted in Christianity, has been
used throughout history as an ecumenical expression for Christmas and is
another written term for Christmas used for centuries by the Christian
church. It is not the replacement of Christ by an English alphabet “x” and
removal of Christ from Christmas as mistakenly assumed by a few.

​It is the desire of your Texas Cowboys’ Christmas Ball Association to
always be responsive to our Ball patrons. Hopefully, this will answer any
questions about our historic banner and explain our unanimous decision to
leave the banner in place and not remove it. We sincerely hope you all enjoy
the annual Texas Cowboys’ Christmas Ball and have a blessed Christmas.

Officers & Directors
Texas Cowboys’ Christmas Ball Association