The Texas Cowboys’ Christmas Ball Association of Anson, Texas was chartered with the State of Texas in 1937.  The Association was formed as a result of the first reenactments of the Cowboys’ Christmas Ball in 1934 – 1936.  The reenactments were carefully researched and produced by local school teachers, historians and folklorists, Miss Leonora Barrett and Miss Hybernia Grace. The local historians ensured the reenactments of the Ball replicated the original event as accurately as possible.  As a result of the unexpected success of the 1934 Ball, Anson adopted it as a community event and it continued to grow.  After the 1936 Ball, the organizers recognized the need of an organization to manage, promote and produce the Ball.  Accordingly, the Texas Cowboys’ Christmas Ball Association of Anson, Texas was chartered with the State of Texas on June 12, 1937. And a copyright to the event was secured.  Charter members included many of Anson’s and Jones County’s prominent residents, including Mr. Omar Burleson who would later represent the area in the United States Congress.
The newly formed association’s first priority was to find a permanent home for the Ball.  They borrowed $6,000 and commissioned local contractor Andy Spraberry to construct Pioneer Hall which was completed in 1940 and has served as the Ball’s permanent home from that time.  Integral to preserving the history and tradition of the Ball, is the preservation and renovation of Pioneer Hall which has served as the historic Ball’s home for nearly 80 years.  Additionally, the members are equally committed to ensuring Pioneer Hall continues to serve Anson as a unique, community facility to be enjoyed by all.  In order to facilitate the renovation process, the Association incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit entity for educational and historical preservation purposes in 2009.
Today, the Association members are as committed to preserving our heritage, history and the annual, traditional Cowboys’ Christmas Ball.  The Association’s members serve as its officers and directors.  The Association by-laws still mandate the traditional dress code and musical genre of the Ball which was designated as a Texas Historical Event in 2010.  While the Ball is steeped in tradition, the Association’s commitment to preserving the Ball in the modern era has resulted in some positive changes in membership.  The Association honors individuals and couples that have made significant contributions to the Ball with honorary memberships and long serving directors are recognized as sustaining members. 
Please contact us if you interested in helping preserve and promote this unique and historic celebration of our heritage.  We welcome your assistance and will appreciate all financial contributions. 

Most importantly, we invite you to join us in Anson for that 
“Lively Gaited Sworray, The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball”

Original Water Color circa 1936 by Maxine Walker Perini